22nd October 2018 at 10:29

Report: Travel Content and PR – How to reach customers and journalists

To create a successful PR or Content Marketing campaign, it’s crucial to understand your audience and what they’re looking for. Generally, we have two audiences to target with a PR/Content Marketing campaign:

  • The end audience – the target customers
  • The middle audience – journalists that allow us to reach the end audience

Although there are many similarities across different industries, we wanted to drilldown specifically into the travel industry to understand what the end and middle audiences are most interested in when it comes to content in the travel sector.

Using a combination of research tools including Buzzsumo, Answer The Public, and Google, we have created a report which is divided into two key sections:

  1. What target customers are interested in (the end audience)
  2. What journalists are interested in (the middle audience)

From this we found some interesting findings, such as:

  • Lists were the most popular content format, with infographics being the least (only 0.21% of travel articles feature infographics)
  • Instagram content and recommendations was the most popular content component with 26% of travel articles referencing Instagram (up to 46% on lifestyle sites)
  • Video content was the most popular content format for travel content on national newspaper sites, with 44% of articles containing video content
  • Locals’ recommendations also proved popular featuring in 14% of travel articles
  • Surveys prove popular with national newspaper sites with 21% of travel articles in nationals featuring surveys
  • When conducting their research, the audience is predominantly searching for answers around specific destinations, flying tips and cancellations

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