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Report: Travel Content and PR – How to reach customers and journalists

To create a successful PR or Content Marketing campaign, it’s crucial to understand your audience and what they’re looking for. Generally, we have two audiences to target with a PR/Content Marketing campaign: The end audience – the target customers The middle audience – journalists that allow us to reach the end audience Although there are […]

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The Social Shift – Instagram

I am obsessed with Instagram, mainly because I like to be nosey but also because I am amazed at how well it has grown and how brands use it as a marketing platform. In the last five years, Instagram has gone from having 90 million users to one billion users. That is incredible growth, and […]

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Social Media Today – How Content Can Save Your Company Money

Laura’s latest post looks past the SEO and engagement benefits of content and explores how it can directly save a company money (and also increase customer retention therefore making more money). You can take a read over on Social Media Today.

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Save your budget: Digital PR & Content Marketing campaigns for less

Go big or go home Go cheap. I’m from Yorkshire and, in case you weren’t already aware, us Yorkshire folk are known for being cheap. So much so that this is literally the Wikipedia description of the Culture of Yorkshire: Unsurprisingly this ‘tightness with money’ also often comes through in my professional life, meaning I’m […]

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