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Implications of new influencer guidelines on paid links

TLDR: buying links may now be breaking the law, not just against Google’s guidelines. Last week the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released an update to their Influencer guidelines following an investigation into whether celebrities are disclosing paid partnerships clearly enough. This caused much furore in the world of influencers with many thinking the guidelines […]

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How to pitch what journalists want

If you’ve seen me talk at a conference before or attended one of my training sessions you’ve probably heard me talk in terms of two audiences: The end audience – the potential customers you’re trying to reach to ultimately convert The middle audience – the journalists or influencers that will enable you to reach the […]

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Reflecting on 2018 in PR and Four things I’ll do differently in 2019

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions generally, but as I launched the agency last year I thought it would be worth sitting down and reflecting on what I saw and experienced, and also how that will shape 2019 strategies. 2018 reflections Brexit completely fucked us. I mean this both in terms of the country […]

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PRmoment – Your PR Predictions for 2019

Our Founder Laura shared her predictions for PR in 2018 with PRmoment as part of their future-gazing post. You can read Laura’s prediction alongside a number of other leading experts’ in the full article here.

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