What we do

We offer bespoke training courses designed for your team, whether you operate client or agency-side. We’ll work with you ahead of the session to understand which areas you need the most support on and tailor our training to fill these gaps.

We also offer training that covers the entire strategy development and campaign process, meaning you can come as a beginner and leave ready to run your own campaigns from scratch.

How we do it

There’s no death by PowerPoint here – although we do use slides as part of our session, we ensure that this is interspersed with plenty of hands-on activities.

You’ll start applying the knowledge you acquire within the session there and then, rather than waiting until you’re back at your own desk. One of our most popular activities is a brainstorming session in which we start to develop ideas that you can transform into actual campaigns once you’re back in the office.

Why train with us?

We’re the go-to experts for Digital PR training – we’ve been delivering the Digital PR for Link Building training in partnership with BrightonSEO since 2013 and have worked with various other conference partners, training some of the biggest agencies and clients in the UK.

No matter what your set up is, we guarantee we’ll be able to devise a training course that meets your unique needs.

Training can be delivered in your space, or you’re welcome to come to our London office.


“The DPR training Laura provided was second to none and has given the team a massive boost in confidence. Providing a combination of theory and hand-on exercises, they were able to translate the learnings into real campaigns for clients that have proven excellent results already. Whether you’re looking to brush up on skills or learn new ones, I can’t recommend the course enough.”
Kristin Morgan, Director of Content, calibre

“Laura’s course is probably the most useful SEO course I have been on. We left the room feeling really empowered to make positive changes to our strategy which have increased rankings and share of voice since. The training is packed full of information and hands-on tasks. I loved the brainwriting exercise and we use it frequently as a team, and with other teams here at Amara too.” 
Marie Turner,  SEO Outreach Executive, Amara

“Laura came in to train our outreach and SEO teams. We found the training very informative and engaging and Laura was proactive in making sure that the content was a right fit for the agency as well as making sure that the sessions were structured in such a way that made sure we got the maximum attendance.

“It was nice to see that Laura didn’t hold anything back in her sessions and provided us with some valuable knowledge that you wouldn’t have expected! If you are looking to learn new things and challenge your teams to think differently I would highly recommend Laura.”
Eamon Looney, Head of SEO, Artefact

“Laura’s unique approach to training really helped me to understand ways to maximise PR through digital media and how to get the most out of campaigns, in particular in relation to link building opportunities. Her training offered a deeper insight into what both journalists and Google want.

“I came away from the training with fresh ideas and a positive mind-set on how to move forward, with a confident understanding of what content types my audience would engage with. The training also proved to be a great refresher on areas of the industry that have developed so quickly over the past few years.”
Georgina English, PR Officer. Bott and Co

“I attended Laura’s session in London, covering Digital PR for Link Building, the session was in depth and very helpful, she covered all parts of the Digital PR process from content ideation to gaining links, we’ve since implemented a lot of what Laura taught us into our Outreach & Digital PR team and we’re already seeing awesome results from her methods.”
Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach & Digital PR, Bulldog Digital Media