Digital PR

We marry PR and SEO to create strategies that deliver on all objectives.

We don’t just guess – we use data every step of the way to give our campaigns the best chance of success.

We start with your audience. We find out who they are, which websites and platforms they visit, and what content engages them. Knowing this, we can deliver messages that will resonate.

Next, we find the best route to this audience by researching the journalists and influencers that will allow us to reach them. To do this, we use proprietary tools to analyse publication websites and determine which content components and formats will provide the best chance of coverage.

After we fully understand both of these audiences, the creativity part kicks in – that’s when we devise strategies and campaigns that we’re confident will deliver.

But assumptions aren’t good enough for us. We test all of our ideas with journalists to get feedback that helps us ensure the best chance of success. Only then will we move on to producing our campaigns.

It doesn’t end when a campaign is set live. We track progress and engagement using a variety of KPIs that have been chosen to suit the strategy and your specific goals. And we learn from this data, so we can adapt, change, and grow.

We’ve worked with a broad range of both consumer and B2B clients – in fact, you’d be hard pushed to find an industry we haven’t succeeded in before. This means our relationships with journalists span different niches, so we know exactly who to get you in front of, and we have the means to make it happen.

The previously unmeasured, measured.

We say we’ll deliver – and we can prove it.

Our approach to measuring and reporting on our work is what truly sets us apart. Our experience working across both PR and SEO means that, unlike traditional PR agencies, we understand what can be measured online – and we know exactly how to do it.

But simple stats about coverage and links aren’t enough for us – we look deeper. We don’t just examine the outputs that are delivered; we measure the overall impact our campaigns have on your brand’s visibility and perception. Our reporting matrix covers four core areas:

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Action
  4. Impact

Our Founder Laura has been delivering the Digital PR training at BrightonSEO since 2013, meaning she’s trained some of the biggest brands and agencies in the UK on how to implement successful campaigns.


  • PR Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Asset creation
  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Newsjacking / Thought leadership placement
  • Monitoring and reporting